Hello Again!

Hi! Welcome to my little corner here in blog-land. I'm not new to blogging, but I have been a little absent for the past few years. My Etsy shop has been lagging, my Instagram has been silent...life has been way too complicated, but I'm excited to pick up and run again!

I have TWO kids now. Can you even believe it?! I'm still in awe that I've been blessed with my 2 girls...but we still have our fair share of days where the laundry is piled up, the floor is 5 inches thick with dust and crumbs, the garbage overflows, dishes are almost always in the sink, babies cry, I live in yoga pants and rock the "no make-up messy hair" look. Not gonna lie, the mom thing is HARD WORK. The hardest and most emotionally draining job I've ever had! I hope I never give the impression that I can do it all, because quite frankly I'm just holding on to a string and living for my next cup of coffee and nap time! Ha!

My goal for 2016 is to bring it with lots of fun crafty DIY tutorials, home inspiration, a few printables and freebies, and maybe even a little bit of mom-talk every now-and-then. I'm also a birth doula and photographer, so I might have some birth related crafts or shower gift ideas for you. I LOVE all things vintage and rustic, and farmhouse style is my favorite!

Random Fun Fact:  I had my 2nd daughter at home...under 2 hours from the "is this really labor" to "hello baby". Ya, remind me to tell you the whole story one of these days!

Thanks for reading along! Looking forward to getting to know you! (Did anyone else just bust out with the "getting to know you" song from the King and I? No? Just me?) 

Please keep in touch! You can find me on Instagram most of the time. I love to hang out and watch other people on Periscope! I'm not much of a 'scoper, but you can connect with me there. @Jaclyn430 All of those cute little social media buttons on the right hand side at the very tip top of the page will help you find me. 

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  1. I'm reminding you to tell us the whole story one of these days. ;)