Welcome to my little home here on the internet! 

I'm Jaclyn, married to Mike, and mama to my 3 precious kiddos (yep, I'm a "girl mom"). 

Over the years life has evolved and changed! Once upon a time my life and free time was filled with vintage shops, thrift stores, furniture flipping and creative ventures of all kinds. Today though, my time is spent being a full time mom, homeschooling my kids, baking sourdough bread (because that's what you do now in 2022, ha!), trying to garden and faux homestead in my backyard, and learning as much as I can about holistic and alternative health things for my family. DoTERRA essential oils is a huge part of our family now! I have a passion for making sure my family is taken care of to the best of my abilities, with products I feel have integrity and passion that matches mine.  

Fun facts:

I bake cupcakes and cookies...any kind of cookies...but if you were to ask my family and friends which cookies I'm most known for, it would be my mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.

In my past life, I was a doula and birth photographer. It's not a surprise that I chose to birth 2 of my babies at home! 

I was using essential oils before they were the cool kid thing to use. My mom had health store brands (this was long before DoTERRA was born) of tea tree, lavender, lemon and peppermint in our medicine cabinet and we used them often. 

I'm a 2nd generation homeschool mom! Meaning, I was homeschooled when I was a kid...the "OG" ya might say. ha! 

I look forward to getting to know you better, and sharing more of me with you! Thanks for reading along!

PS: you can find my Disclosure and Privacy Policy information here.

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  1. Hi Jaclyn! I am the editor of AllFreeSewing.com and I just love your Sew Simple Cat Toy Tutorial. I'd love to feature it on my site with full credit to you. If this interests you, please send me an email at kpope@primecp.com. Thanks so much!