Indescribable Devotional Book Review and Giveaway

Gift buying season is here! Are you looking for a special gift for a child in your life? Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science, Written by Louie Giglio, and Illustrated by Nicola Anderson, is a meaningful present idea. We love reading books in our family and it's so much fun now that my oldest is able to really converse and discuss things that we read. My toddler isn't quite ready for discussions about books just yet, but she loves to sit and listen to the stories. If you are a family of faith, Indescribable is definitely a must have for your bookshelf. (Be sure to scroll all the way down so you can enter the giveaway for your own copy!) 

Indescribable 100 Devotions About God and Science A Devotional For Kids #KidGiftIdea

4 Tips For A Kid Friendly Christmas Tree | Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop | #ChristmasTreeDecor

I love the magic of Christmas trees! Before having kids, I loved picking a theme each year for my tree. All of my ornaments were the breakable, fragile glass ornaments - no tacky plastic for me please, k? thanks. Then 6 years ago we had a small tiny human and my eyes were opened to the perils of Christmas dangers. Those pretty shiny ornaments? Ya, they suddenly became my nemesis and a life threatening danger to my tiny toddling human. And don't even get me started on the death traps that we call Christmas Ornament Hooks. Ornament hooks and a curious baby that puts everything in her mouth are a mother's Christmas Nightmare. I clearly had to re-think my beautiful Christmas Tree Ornaments and come up with a kid and baby proof way of decorating. Now that we're 6 years and 2 kids into this parenting thing, my breakable ornaments are packed safely away, and the Kid Friendly Tree remains. It might not be magazine perfection, but it's perfect in it's own cozy way. Honestly though? I love my plastic ornaments and imperfectly-perfect Kid Friendly Tree so much more than any of my other trees. The lopsided ornaments unevenly distributed on the lower half of the tree, the ribbon garland that's always falling off on one side from a kid tugging on it, the collection of ornaments that fall off and roll under the tree each day. What our tree lacks in perfection, it makes up for in Christmas magic!

4 Tips For A Kid Friendly Christmas Tree and a Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop #ChristmasTreeDecor

One Christmas Bear | The Perfect Addition To Your Holiday Book Collection

Christmas traditions are so much fun! Just like most families, we have our special Family Christmas Traditions. One of my favorites is our collection of Christmas books that we set out under the Christmas tree. My mom always had a basket of Christmas books that she kept for us under the tree, and I love doing that for my kids now. Each year we add one new book, one for each kid with their names written in the book. This year we get to add One Christmas Bear, written by Anne Vittur Kennedy. (Be sure to scroll all the way down so you can enter the giveaway for your own copy!) 

One Christmas Bear by Anne Vittur Kennedy A Sweet Christmas Story Book For Toddlers and Preschool Age Children #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

White Christmas Inspired Snow Globe DIY | A Kid Friendly Holiday Craft | #ChristmasMoviesHop

It's that time of the year again, Christmas is just weeks away! I've teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you the 25 Days of Christmas Movies Blog Hop - DIY and Recipes inspired by all of our favorite Christmas movies. My movie is White Christmas, which just happens to be my all time favorite Christmas movie! I have so many memories of watching White Christmas during my childhood, as I'm sure many people do. My favorite song in the movie is the Sisters song. My sisters and I would dance around the living room and sing the Sisters song when we were kids - even if it wasn't Christmas. I gave a highly scientific Facebook poll asking what people think of when they think of the movie White Christmas, but their answer couldn't be Bing Crosby or snow! The popular answer was spending time with family, decorating the Christmas tree, and working on projects together. I decided to make a kid friendly DIY Snow Globe inspired by White Christmas, and of course you can have the movie playing while you work on your DIY Snow Globe!

White Christmas Inspired Snow Globe DIY A Kid Friendly Holiday Craft #ChristmasMoviesHop #SnowGlobe

Easy DIY Chalkboard and a Fall One Room Challenge | Week 5 Update

It's Week FIVE of the One Room Challenge! The past few weeks have flown by, and I'm not gonna lie - my to-do list is still pretty long. Agh! We are a little further along now, but not nearly close to being done. I did work on a few projects this week, including this Easy Chalkboard DIY. You know I'm all about easy and fast DIY projects, and even better if I can get it done under 5 minutes!

Easy DIY Chalkboard - Chalkboard with a Black Desk and Vintage Globe