DIY Closet Desk Part 2 | Fall One Room Challenge | Week 3

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge is already here? It's going so fast! Last week I shared our built-in "closet desk". With that project done and out of the way, it's time to focus on the smaller details of the room. Before I update you on the rest of the office, I promised to share some of the details of the Closet Desk. Paint choices, furniture, etc! Read on for the info...

Closet Desk Space with Flash Furniture Mint Green Metal Stacking Chairs

DIY Closet Desk | Fall One Room Challenge | Week 2

We're back!!! Week 2 of the One Room Challenge is underway. You can get caught up on Week 1 here. We are remodeling the office/homeschool room, and things are going great! This week I'm sharing how we turned the closet in the office into a built in desk/bookshelf space. We used minimal materials for this project, and it took about 2 days to complete...well...maybe 3 since I'm a slow painter. Ha! Full disclosure: We did this portion of the remodel back in August...have to take advantage of vacation days (and help from the husband!) when we have them, right? Read on for all the details!

Small Space Office Closet Desk with Built In Book Shelves and Industrial Pipe Storage Shelves

Farmhouse Tool Box Thrift Store Makeover | Inspire My Creativity Link Party

I have loved going to thrift stores ever since I was a kid. One of my favorite memories was going to visit my great-grandma, she would always take us to the thrift store down the street. It was so fun digging through the toy bins and finding little treasures! That thrill has definitely carried over into my adult years. There is just something about going in for the hunt and the giddy feeling from finding that thing that you didn't even know you wanted. Thrift store shopping has become pretty popular in recent years, especially with the farmhouse style crowd! I have been eyeing the little wood tool boxes for awhile now. I found one a couple of years ago while at a thrift store, but it was painted in that cornflower periwinkle late 1980's/early 1990's blue that was so popular. Not horrible, but also not my favorite. (I wonder if that's how my kids will feel about turquoise/aqua in the future...ha!) 

Farmhouse Tool Box Side View With Vintage Globe and Succulents

Office and School Room Remodel | Fall One Room Challenge | Week 1

Does anyone remember that one time when I participated in 5 weeks worth of the Fall One Room Challenge and then never did a reveal post because I (ah um...) never finished?! No? Ya, I totally don't remember that either. Ok, fine. Yes, that did happen. However, I started a mid-year resolution: Finish what I start! Maybe also adding on to that, don't start a project that is so unrealistically large there is no way it can be completed in the time allotted when one also has to keep two small humans alive. What can I say? I've learned a lot over the past few years. Like the illusion of balance. There is just no such thing as balance between motherhood, marriage, home remodels, home schooling children, and the piles and piles of laundry and dishes that never seem to go away. Balance might be out there somewhere, but for me its only in yoga class.

I decided to finish what I started though! (YAY ME!) This time I am prepared and have most of my little home design ducklings in a row. I am inviting you to join with me while I complete my office/school room remodel for the Fall One Room Challenge. Cheer me on (please!) the next 6 weeks via Instagram @thedottednest and if I have any meltdowns (!) I'll be sure to update you and bring you behind the scenes. I'm about as real life as it gets, hot mess and all!

Paint swatches, project list on a clipboard, cell phone, measuring tape laying on a desk

Guidepost | How To Tell A Great Story | Review

When I was a kid, I read everything I possibly could. I think I get my love of reading from my mom and grandma, they were always very encouraging and provided me with many different reading options. My grandma used to have several magazine subscriptions, and her living room coffee table was always covered in neat and tidy little stacks of that particular month's many magazine issues. My very favorite was reading the short stories in Guidepost. My grandma would always use little sticky-notes on the stories she thought I would enjoy, usually the stories with animals. Guidepost definitely holds a nostalgic spot in my memory. That's why I recently jumped at the chance to review the new Guidepost "How To Tell A Great Story" writing course. Having a short story published in Guidepost was kind of a life goal when I was around 13, and actually, maybe it still is!

white coffee mug with coffee next to a polka dot notebook with a pen