Office And Homeschool Room Makever | Fall One Room Challenge | Week 6 | REVEAL WEEK

It's here! I'm done! I did it! I completed my One Room Challenge Office/School Room Makeover. I can't believe it's DONE! Also? I can't believe that I actually FINISHED my post. I kind of thought it might not happen you guys. Between almost drilling my finger off, getting a horrible cold (I never get sick but of course did this month!), and a family trip to the coast...well...I'm SO HAPPY that it's over. It's not perfect. It isn't 100% exactly what I envisioned. But It. Is. DONE.

Closet Desk and Art Work Display Frame

(Read on for all the details!)

Fall One Room Challenge Week 6 Reveal Week
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Fall One Room Challenge | Office and Homeschool Room Remodel

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? When we started the remodel the room looked quite different...

Office Before Photo 1

Office Before Photo 2

Office Before Photo 3

Office Before Photo 4

It's amazing what widening the doorway, a new coat of paint, and new flooring can do, right?!

Here is what it looks like now!

Built-In Closet Desk

My very favorite part of the room is the built-in Closet Desk. I love everything about it! The usable space that it added to the room is priceless. I really thought that we would have lost some storage space, and in a way we have, but only for bulky items that you want to throw in a closet to hide. I'll happily give that up for the usable space gained by the built-in desk and book shelves!

Ana White Rolling Cart

The Ana White Rolling Cart DIY is my second favorite part of the room. Even if it did almost cost me a finger. I love how it turned out with the gray and gold! The functionality of using it for my printer and Cricut is amazing. I am VERY happy with it.

My Check List...

I didn't get to check everything off my to-do list...

- Paint the closet space to flow with the rest of the room
- Install a desk and book shelves in the closet 
- Paint/add hardware to file cabinet
Build this cart to house printer, Cricut, baskets, etc.
- Paint vintage blanket chest
- Shelves for my desk space
- Rug and pillows for reading nook
- Comfy office chair for me

I'm still undecided on a rug for the office. I like having open space and floors that are easy to clean. We use a lot of paint, glue, and glitter! I still love the idea of a rug though - a washable rug would be ideal!

I haven't found the perfect office chair for myself yet. While I'm in love with the mint green farmhouse chairs I found for the Closet Desk area, my poor old back needs something a little more comfy. I'll update you whenever I find the perfect chair!

The girls love having a dedicated spot to display all of their artwork! (And there is a lot of it...haha!)

So that's pretty much it! While I hate to leave things only 95% finished, "done is better than perfect" , right?! And it's done. The room is functional, and pretty. What more could I ask for?

So...things might not be perfectly perfect and exactly how I'd like, but you know what? I finished! And as the saying goes..."Perfect is good...but DONE is better!"

P I N  I T ! 

Fall One Room Challenge Office and School Room Makeover Reveal

Be sure to visit the other amazing rooms in the One Room Challenge! I've had fun being a guest participant, and I'm looking forward to the Spring One Room Challenge...Hmmmm...which room should I make over next?

One Room Challenge Reveal Week

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  1. Beautiful! I'm sure you and your littles are enjoying it. I love that expression- "Perfect is good... but done is better!"