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I love the magic of Christmas trees! Before having kids, I loved picking a theme each year for my tree. All of my ornaments were the breakable, fragile glass ornaments - no tacky plastic for me please, k? thanks. Then 6 years ago we had a small tiny human and my eyes were opened to the perils of Christmas dangers. Those pretty shiny ornaments? Ya, they suddenly became my nemesis and a life threatening danger to my tiny toddling human. And don't even get me started on the death traps that we call Christmas Ornament Hooks. Ornament hooks and a curious baby that puts everything in her mouth are a mother's Christmas Nightmare. I clearly had to re-think my beautiful Christmas Tree Ornaments and come up with a kid and baby proof way of decorating. Now that we're 6 years and 2 kids into this parenting thing, my breakable ornaments are packed safely away, and the Kid Friendly Tree remains. It might not be magazine perfection, but it's perfect in it's own cozy way. Honestly though? I love my plastic ornaments and imperfectly-perfect Kid Friendly Tree so much more than any of my other trees. The lopsided ornaments unevenly distributed on the lower half of the tree, the ribbon garland that's always falling off on one side from a kid tugging on it, the collection of ornaments that fall off and roll under the tree each day. What our tree lacks in perfection, it makes up for in Christmas magic!

4 Tips For A Kid Friendly Christmas Tree and a Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop #ChristmasTreeDecor

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Cozy Christmas Scene 4 Tips For A Kid Friendly Christmas Tree and a Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

4 Tips For A Kid Friendly Christmas Tree

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1.     Plastic Ornaments! They are a must-have for kid friendly Christmas tree decor. Trust me, if you're a mom (or dad!), you don't have time to be chasing the kids around the house all day blocking tiny hands from grabbing the fragile glass ornaments. Plastic doesn't have to be tacky. This set is cute!  Felt ornaments like these are a great kid friendly option too.

2.     If you must have a few sentimental ornaments out (I'll admit, there are a few on my tree!), make sure to keep them at the top so they are out of reach. I also have a little trick with the ornament hooks. Make sure to pinch and twist the end of the hook after you attach it to the ornament. Then when you hang it on the tree, pink and twist it again to secure it to the tree. Now even if your kids accidentally shake the tree, the ornaments will stay put and not fall off.   

Galvanized Metal Bucket With A Christmas Tree In It

3.     If you're team "Live Tree", you know you have to water your tree every day. But... the water is pretty tempting to a tiny human! We figured that one out the hard way...after we discovered our sweet tiny little thing had been putting things inside the tree water. Luckily we caught her before she dunked a cell phone in for a swim. We bought a large galvanized bucket big enough to fit our tree stand in, and problem solved! I love the bucket, and we use it pretty much every year now. In addition to helping baby-proof your Christmas tree, the bucket is also great if you have wood/laminate flooring that you don't want to get wet! It's a large bucket, so storing it is kind of hard to do, but I keep it out year-round and just throw blankets and pillows in it. 

Fisher Price Nativity Scene Under a Christmas Tree

4.     Distraction! This Fisher-Price Little People Nativity is too cute! I like to put it under the tree for them to play with...and it does help distract a little from the shiny ornaments. Our family also has a tradition of putting Christmas Books out under the tree too. The books are another great distraction...just be sure to keep the super special books on a shelf if you have a teething toddler (or just one that likes to pull book pages out!) 

I hope those tips gave you a few ideas on how to baby/kid proof your Christmas tree! 

Red Christmas Tree Decor and Top of Tree #ChristmasTreeDecor

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  1. I know first hand as well about breaking the glass ornaments when the kids were small enough to grab everything. I can remember having to put it all away as well. It still looks lovely! I am a grandma for first time, so will have to get my grandson that Fisher price nativity set. Great meeting you at this blog hop. Maria

  2. I love visiting your blog! Seeing your tree and reading your tips made my day! Thanks for sharing your home and ideas.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  3. GREAT tips!!! We have little ones and have that same little people nativity. I love it!!

  4. I have teens and I use the ornament twist trick...lol. They are still clumsy and bump into our entry tree with years of collected ornaments and I would be devastated if they broke.

  5. So many great tips and your tree is beautiful!! Thanks so much for joining up with us on this fun blog hop!

  6. The bucket is a great tip for a live tree! Your tips are great, especially the last one. Visiting from the blog hop.