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Christmas traditions are so much fun! Just like most families, we have our special Family Christmas Traditions. One of my favorites is our collection of Christmas books that we set out under the Christmas tree. My mom always had a basket of Christmas books that she kept for us under the tree, and I love doing that for my kids now. Each year we add one new book, one for each kid with their names written in the book. This year we get to add One Christmas Bear, written by Anne Vittur Kennedy. (Be sure to scroll all the way down so you can enter the giveaway for your own copy!) 

One Christmas Bear by Anne Vittur Kennedy A Sweet Christmas Story Book For Toddlers and Preschool Age Children #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

One Christmas Bear

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One Christmas Bear is an adorable book with colorful illustrations and simple rhyming text. The story follows a cute and cuddly polar bear who has fun Christmas adventures with his arctic friends. My kindergartner and toddler love to read books, especially books that are interactive. One Christmas Bear counts the blessings of Christmas throughout the book. My kids love counting, especially now that the toddler is learning her numbers.

One Christmas Bear A Peek Inside The Book At The Adorable Illustrations #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

The book is cut in a fun shape and is a "board book". It is sturdy with thick pages that can survive just in case a younger sibling decides to use it as a teething toy. (Not that it has ever happened at our house...ha!) The story is geared for toddler to preschool age kids, but as I mentioned above, my kindergartner loves to read with her sister. I think most kids of all ages enjoy being read to! 

One Christmas Bear a Cute and Cuddly Christmas Polar Bear Story Book #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

When I'm shopping for Christmas books, I love the traditional and fun holiday books with Santa and Elves and snowmen. However, as a parent I really appreciate when I can find a fun book that also incorporates our faith and the reason for the season - the birth of Baby Jesus. One Christmas Bear does a great job placing emphasis on Faith, Family, and Friends too! 

One Christmas Bear Book on a Stack of Books Under The Tree #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

About The Author 

One Christmas Bear author, Anne Vittur Kennedy has been delighting young children with her humorous and playful books for thirty years. Her awards include American Library Association’s Notable Books List, Teacher’s Choice, The Green Earth Book Award, and The Green Prize for Sustainable Literature.

One Christmas Bear by Anne Vittur Kennedy #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

One Christmas Bear and Christmas Book Collection In Front of Christmas Tree #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

One Christmas Bear is definitely a book I'm excited to read with my daughters, and to have included in our Christmas books collection this year! I know that it will be one that we will enjoy reading together in the Christmas years to come.

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One Christmas Bear Book Review Book In Front of Christmas Tree #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

Do you have any fun Christmas traditions that you do with your family? I'd love to hear about them! Let me know in the comments below! 

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One Christmas Bear by Anne Vittur Kennedy Is A Sweet Christmas Story Book About A Cuddly Polar Bear Geared Towards Toddlers and Preschool Age Children #OneChristmasBear #ChristmasBook #ChristmasTraditions

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