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When I was a kid, I read everything I possibly could. I think I get my love of reading from my mom and grandma, they were always very encouraging and provided me with many different reading options. My grandma used to have several magazine subscriptions, and her living room coffee table was always covered in neat and tidy little stacks of that particular month's many magazine issues. My very favorite was reading the short stories in Guidepost. My grandma would always use little sticky-notes on the stories she thought I would enjoy, usually the stories with animals. Guidepost definitely holds a nostalgic spot in my memory. That's why I recently jumped at the chance to review the new Guidepost "How To Tell A Great Story" writing course. Having a short story published in Guidepost was kind of a life goal when I was around 13, and actually, maybe it still is!

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Guidepost: How To Tell A Great Story, Writing Course

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The Guidepost How To Tell A Great Story writing course is a simple 12 module course. The course includes 12 videos with a multiple choice 10 question test after each video. There is also a very detailed 42 page workbook included. Each video is about 10 minutes (give or take a few) in length. As a busy multitasking mama, I always appreciate when I can consume things in small bites when I have a few minutes to spare! I took the entire course via my iPhone, and found it easy to navigate on mobile. In total, the master class is around 2 hours long. Don't worry if it's been a few years since you were last in a classroom! The information was presented in a very engaging way by multiple "Master Storyteller" instructors. 

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"Master Storytellers"/Instructors

The instructor list includes: 

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief of Guideposts magazine and Vice President and Editorial Director of Guideposts publications, which include the magazines All CreaturesMysterious WaysAngels on Earth, and PLUS.

Rick Hamlin is executive editor of Guideposts magazine

Amy Wong is executive editor of the magazines Guideposts and All Creatures.

Colleen Hughes is Editor-in-Chief of Angels on Earth magazine and Senior Contributing Editor for Guideposts annual Joys of Christmas publication.

Jim Hinch is a senior editor at Guideposts magazine.


The features included in the "How To Write A Great Story" include:
  • 12 Video Modules
  • 42 Page Digital Workbook
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Module Quizzes
  • Certificate Of Completion (Who doesn't love a "gold star", right?)
  • Instructions For Submitting Your Work To A Publisher

In Summary...

The value of the How To Write A Great Story course far outweighs the investment, in my opinion. I found it to be quite engaging, and I walked away feeling inspired and empowered to write my own story. A couple of my favorite take-aways from the course was the information on Aristotle's "The Unities", and writing "zero drafts". Sometimes I get caught up in so much perfectionism that I get stuck before I even get started! The formula and strategy taught in this course is very helpful and I know my writing will benefit from it.The Guidepost course is geared more towards a short-story telling perspective (that is what Guidepost is known for after all!), the tips and knowledge shared in the course can be applied to bloggers as well as aspiring-to-be-published writers. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll submit a story to Guidepost!

Here is what some of the course students had to say:

"This course an incredible opportunity for me. No university could have done better. So much for so little money. I thank you all so very much. Will be sending something to you all regularly even if all I get is rejections! So grateful for the helpful information, I am tearing up as I write this. Patricia (Pat) Parish, Blessings to the teachers and all your personnel." -Patricia Parish 

"This course is excellent!  The short recorded sessions with Edward, Rick, Colleen, Jim, and Amy, were full of helpful information for writers in any genre.  The workbook download helped me with note taking and reinforced the learning.  I also am grateful that I can retake the course whenever I need a refresher.  It is definitely worth $24.99." - Barbara Litchfield
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Guidepost How To Tell A Great Story Course Review


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