5 Minute DIY Framed Succulents

On our last trip to Santa Cruz, I fell in love with a store front that had a vertical succulent garden instead of a name sign. It was stunning! I really want to do the same thing to a wall on our back patio. Unfortunately that project probably wont happen for awhile since we're currently focusing on the main things like grass and such. But one of these days I will have my living vertical succulent garden! In the meantime to hold me over, I came up with this easy DIY project for Framed Succulents that won't cost you much to make. Mother's Day is right around the corner... Succulents in a frame would make a great gift, just add in a coffee gift card and you're gift ready! If you're too attached to give it away (like I am!), it's the perfect pop of green for your mantle, or would look great in a picture gallery hanging on your wall.

How to Make Framed Succulents

5 Minute DIY Framed Succulents 

This easy DIY will take you around 5-10 minutes to make, less the drying time if you need to paint the frame. I purchased my frame and the mini succulents at my local Dollar Tree. The cost for the project was $7.00. I used glue, paint, and ribbon that I already had on hand and did not need to purchase those items. Let's get started! 

Supplies for Making a Framed Succulent Vertical Planter

You will need:

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  • Frame (I used a 4x5 frame, but this would look amazing large scale!) 
  • Mini Succulents
  • Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
  • Paint (optional)
  • Ribbon, Rope, etc.

Some cute little tiny hands wanted to help...

5 Minute DIY Framed Succulents

Step 1:

Remove the glass from the frame. Keep the cardboard backing in the frame. My frame was a gray color, and I wanted to give it a shabby white coat of paint. I also painted the cardboard the same color as the frame so it blended a little since the backing will show through in spots between the succulents. You could also decoupage a piece of scrapbook paper on the cardboard, or texture it with sand or glitter.

How to Make Framed Succulents With Dollar Store Supplies

Step 2: 

If needed, pull the succulents out of their pots, and cut off the stem so it has a flat bottom piece. Tip: Try to cut as flush with the bottom as you can get it, it will be easier to glue on. Lay out your design, and then glue to the cardboard backing.

How to Make Framed Succulents With Dollar Store Supplies

Step 3: 

You can stop at this point, or add some ribbon or rope to the frame to give a little character. Just glue to the back of the frame. My frame conveniently had little indents that the glue and rope fit in nice and snug.

How to Make Framed Succulents With Dollar Store Supplies

There! How easy was that?

Framed Succulents with Chalkboard Vignette

I can't wait to try this out on a larger scale, and I really can't wait to do this on the back patio with living succulents!

How to Make Framed Succulents With Dollar Store Supplies

I would love to see your version of the DIY if you make one! Come join our Facebook group Dotting Your Nest and show off your work!

How to Make Framed Succulents With Dollar Store Supplies

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  1. I actually had to double check whether the succulents were real or not - great looking craft!

    1. I was really impressed with the Dollar Tree...they're stepping up their game!