Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Paint and Flooring Choices | One Room Challenge Week 2

It's already Week 2 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. (Make sure to hop on over to check out the other participants' rooms. Lots of amazing inspiration!) Last week I shared with you my plans for the challenge as a guest participant, and showed you the inspiration for my Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover. The space has a lot of potential and actually has quite a bit of room. Unfortunately, the color choices from the previous owners left a lot to be desired. Because it is a smaller room although somewhat spacious, the dark paint color choices made it feel very closed in and cave-like. The dark vinyl/linoleum flooring wasn't helping much either. There aren't any windows in the space, so the dark paint really felt even darker and more closed in. Luckily it's nothing a little bit of paint can't fix.
Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover for the One Room Challenge Guest Participant
How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color and Flooring

Picking the perfect shade of paint...

In the interest of keeping it real and honest, I did not paint the space by myself. (Or install the flooring). I can and I have painted several rooms! But when we purchased the house, we had 3 weeks from the close of the home to complete some basic renovations before we moved in, and only 1 week to move out of the house we sold. Coordinating those closing dates is a headache! Oh yes, and this all happened the week of Thanksgiving, through the week before Christmas. Talk about crazy town! Throw in a couple of toddlers into the mix and packing an entire house...DIY'ing the painting wasn't going to happen. We have a friend that owns a painting business, so we hired help. It's OK to source out when needed to keep your sanity!

Tips for how to choose a good paint color for your room

While I didn't paint the space myself, I did choose the paint colors. Choosing paint colors is one of those tasks that you expect to be easy, but then turns into a complicated stressful event. My advice is to make sure you test them out. Every single color you consider should be test painted in each room. It will look different in each room. It will drive you mad. But do it anyway! We (meaning my husband and I) decided to keep it simple so we could move in and be settled as quickly as possible. 

Test your paint samples on a wall

In order to keep it simple we chose a basic color scheme to run throughout the entire house - bathrooms and laundry room included. Light and bright and neutral were our requirements, so we settled on a gray/white/darker gray palette. Gray just happens to be one of those tricky colors that can look too purple, or too blue, or even too pink or brown. It's kind of crazy how many shades of gray there are! Which is why I can't stress enough how important it is to test it out before you paint an entire wall.

How to choose the perfect paint color for your room

The final winning colors: 

Our painters had an account at Dunn Edwards paint, and they had the colors mixed there. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't quite be the same tone, but it turned out perfect!

The Perfect Neutral Paint Colors: Revere Pewter, Swiss Coffee, Galveston Gray

Light and Bright Laundry

The painters were still painting and the paint was still wet when my husband sent me a photo. I might have cried a few happy tears when I saw it, and I definitely did when I saw it in person later that day!

Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover | One Room Challenge

The dark appliances from the before photo were left behind by the previous owners. I knew that we would be keeping our white appliances, so I chose to have the cabinets painted white to keep it nice and bright in the room. The ceiling and trim color were also painted in the same white. We decided to keep the cabinets. I wanted to raise the cabinets up, but from a practical point of view they would have been too high to reach. Even though the cabinets are lower than I'd like, the white color helps them blend in instead of stand out like a sore (dark) thumb! 

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The exterior doors throughout our home are painted in a darker gray as an accent. I really love that it gives a little character without overpowering the room. We also changed out the door handles and locks, oil rubbed bronze, similar to these.

The Perfect Floor

Eternity Flooring Barnwood Collection Samples

Picking out our flooring was easy for us. We knew that we wanted a laminate plank flooring that would withstand heavy traffic and possibly water spilled here or there; we also wanted a floor that had appearance of "grooves" like a traditional wood floor, but no actual grooves. The floors from the home we sold before this one had grooves. They looked lovely and definitely gave it character, but just trust me when I say grooves aren't a good match for kids or pets. You will be cleaning out messes for days with toothpicks. Just say no to the grooves! Luckily for us, we found the color/floor in our price range fairly quickly. We decided on Eternity Flooring Barnwood Collection in Country Pine. So far, we are very pleased with it! 

Eternity Flooring Barnwood Collection Samples

The Perfect Farmhouse Style Flooring Eternity Flooring Barnwood Collection Samples

Some Tips...

  • Keep it simple! Try to limit how many paint sample colors you bring home initially. Do you need a trim color, wall color, and an accent color? Maybe you only need a wall color and trim color.
  • Research the perfect gray if you want, but know that the perfect gray paint color on the internet might look too purple in your test it out before you paint the entire room!
  • I know I said to limit how many samples you bring home ...but... if those samples just aren't working out don't be scared to grab a few more to try out. Most places that mix paint can also mix colors that they might not sell in the store. Lowe's paint department was really helpful and mixed a color so I didn't have to drive across town at the end of a long day with 2 toddlers.
  • Most flooring stores have flooring samples you can check out to borrow and take home. Not always, but sometimes the floor you choose will look different in your home with different lighting and paint colors. It's not a bad idea to test out the flooring too, especially since it's such a big expense.
  • Make smaller spaces feel more open by using lighter colors.

Green and Blue Paint Swatches

My Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room is coming along! Now that we can check off the paint and flooring, we can get started on some fun projects. I'll have a couple of DIY's for next week...I already started one project and I can't wait to show you! Follow along on Instagram, I might post a story or 2 or 3 every now-and-then. Don't forget to check out the other rooms in the One Room Challenge too!

Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover | One Room Challenge

Stay tuned! 

I hope to have a completed laundry room makeover to share with you very soon! Until then, you can get caught up on the completed projects below.
Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover and Free Printable Word Art


  1. Your "before" room sounds exactly like our house! Dark rooms were given dark colors and did nothing to help them so we chose a light and bright color palette too! P.S. your cabinets above your washer and dryer are the exact same color we have! ick..

    1. Darker colors were "in" a few years ago, but it really doesn't help those small rooms! Maybe it was a builder chosen color?

  2. Wow! What a difference the paint makes! I love that you painted your door too! I've been contemplating painting doors in our home and think I will make that call when we are further along in the process. Great tips too!


    1. Paint is such a miracle worker! I love the painted doors...just enough of a pop of color but not too much.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too!!! They hide the crumbs too...if you have little ones.

  4. Totally love your color palette. I really wish some of my walls were painted in that Revere Pewter so I'll have to live vicariously through you. Love your new flooring, too. The space is coming together beautifully! Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Thank you! Revere Pewter is my new favorite neutral. It didn't turn out to be as "gray" as I thought, but I love the gray tones and especially love how it's so light and bright!

  5. Ooh, I just love your paint color and floor selections! They are neutral, but they definitely have personality. Your space is going to be gorgeous!

  6. This is looking great so far. I also have Revere Pewter in my home in all my hallways and entryway. It really does kind of change colour depending on the light, but I love it. That flooring you chose is perfect paired with the paint colours. Great choices. Looking forward to seeing this all come together.

  7. Your new color palette is so pretty! Revere Pewter is one of my favorites, and looks so pretty with that shade of grey on the door!

  8. This is looking amazing already! Can't wait to see the finished project! I love your choice of flooring and paint. Revere Pewter is such an awesome color. The floor is just beautiful!

  9. It looks so much better already! The new flooring is amazing, I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

  10. I really love the paint color and new flooring. It's going to be beautiful when you're finished!

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