Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover | One Room Challenge Week 1

I've decided to join in as a Guest Participant with the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. It's a 6 week challenge to make over one room in your home. We moved into our home last December, a week before Christmas. Talk about a crazy and hectic holiday season! The home we purchased needed some work before we could move in. Since some of the more intensive and involved things, like tearing down walls, painting the entire house, and installing flooring is easier to do with an empty not-lived-in house, we completed the big things in the 3 weeks before we moved in. Now that we're moved in and settled (and recovered from all that crazy), I'm ready to tackle one room at a time and really give it the character and style that will make it "home". I decided to join in on the One Room Challenge to get me motivated again! So for the next 6 weeks, I will be working on turning my laundry room into a pretty and functional space. I hope you'll follow along with me, and also check out the other rooms in the challenge.
One Room Challenge Hosted by Calling It Home

One Room Challenge - Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover

I am so excited that I actually have a laundry room in this house! Our last home had a laundry closet, and while functional enough to do laundry, there wasn't really much space to add character (or storage). In our home before the last, the laundry was in the garage, so there wasn't even a space for it. I'm excited to have a dedicated space that I can make pretty and functional and really make the space I've been dreaming about for years! 

I won't be changing the wall colors since we already painted with the basic color scheme when we moved in, but there will be some pops of color here and there. I love farmhouse rustic style, but I also love glam and bling. I think the two combined will be the perfect pairing for my dream laundry room. I'm hoping this makeover will help actually doing laundry more enjoyable! I'm hoping to add elements of rustic wood, metals, and glass.

The ugly "BEFORE" photos! Ack! Cover your eyes! There is so much wrong here. The laundry room is a walk-through room that connects the garage to the house. It doesn't have any windows, so it needs to be light and bright instead of dark and dungeon. The dark brown paint, dark floors, dark trim, it's just too much! The space feels very small and claustrophobic with all the dark colors. Stay tuned for next week's post so you can see it with the updated paint color and flooring. You can follow along on Instagram too!

One Room Challenge Farmhouse Glam Before Photo

One Room Challenge Farmhouse Glam Before Photo

There are 3 main areas of the room I'll be focusing on to improve the functionality.

Functionality No. 1: Pet Dishes

We keep the cat bowels in this room, the main reason being that if they're in any other part of the house my 2 year old is constantly scooping the kibbles out and either dumping the kibbles in the water dish, or scattering the food throughout the house. I will be brainstorming a way to keep the food dishes in the room, but out of the way. I'm so tired of tripping on them or accidentally kicking a dish and water splashing out or kibbles scattering everywhere!

Functionality No. 2: Closet Space

My laundry room actually has a closet storage space! However, it is currently being severely underutilized. To be honest, I don't even like opening the closet because stuff usually falls out of it. It's the space where things get shoved in when guests are coming. Random things. It's disorganized and while we've only lived in this home for 4 months, it's packed with crap already! How embarrassing. Obviously it is in dire need of some organizational help so it can live up to it's full potential. 

Functionality No. 3: Laundry

Now you're probably thinking, "Um, ya. It's a LAUNDRY ROOM, obviously you'll be focusing on functionality with the laundry". But here's the catch. We hang dry most of our clothes. I dry a few things, but the majority of our clothing is thrown in the dryer for about 3-5 minutes to "fluff" and help get out any wrinkles, and then hung on a hanger and hang-dried.   For now we've been using the door frames to hold the hangers, but that has a few problems (clothes falling on your head when you walk past) and isn't a permanent solution! I need hanger storage, and a place to hang dry wet clothes. I also would like some kind of table or basket to hold the wet clothes while I put them on hangers...and also fold the dry clothes.

Budget $$$:

As much as I would love to spend endless amounts of money on my dream Laundry Room space, that's just not realistic. I won't be replacing any appliances, (boohoo!) and where I can DIY, I will. The majority of my budget will probably go to lighting and a new sink faucet. The lighting in the space needs to be replaced, and the sink faucet also needs to be updated. I'm going to try to stay under $200, and hoping it comes in around $150 or less.

My Laundry Room Wish List

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Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Inspiration Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Inspiration Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Inspiration Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Inspiration Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Inspiration
So there you have it. My laundry room wishes and hopes and dreams. I hope you'll join along on my journey for the next 6 weeks. I have some really great DIY projects planned...make sure to stop by next Thursday to see how the Laundry Room is progressing!

Stay tuned! 

I hope to have a completed laundry room makeover to share with you very soon! Until then, you can get caught up on the completed projects below.
Farmhouse Glam Laundry Room Makeover and Free Printable Word Art


  1. oooooh this is gonna be pretty!!!

  2. Love farmhouse glam - can't wait to see the result!

  3. I love your chandelier choice. It's going to look amazing. Looking forward to following along.

  4. Farmhouse glam sounds wonderful. I think it would work in my house, too. Can you believe it? Me? The eclectic traditional? But, You are so inspiring! Looking forward to following your ideas come to life. Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. I'm kind of eclectic also...but Farmhouse will always be my first love!

  5. How fun! This space is going to be fabulous- looking forward to following along!