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Hi Friends! I'm a guest participant once again in the Fall One Room Challenge. This year for the Fall One Room Challenge, I’ve decided to (finally) tackle the office. It’s not functional at the moment, and pretty much is used as the room that stray things get dumped in. Not exactly what I had planned for it. When we moved into our home last year (the week before Christmas!), we had a whirlwind 3 weeks of demo-ing walls in the interior and exterior, painting, flooring, lighting…it was crazy! Looking back, I have no idea how we accomplished everything that we did in such a short amount of time. That might explain why we burnt out a little on the projects around the house and are just now getting back into DIY mode!

One Room Challenge Kid Friendly Office Makeover Inspiration - Crayons Planner Phone Watercolor Paints Flatlay

About The Space...

When we had everything torn out for the demo last year, we had an electrician run a wire to the closet in the front room so we could have an outlet. Yes, in the closet! (More on that later!) I had a vision for that room from the very beginning. I really wanted to have the entire wall taken down to open up the living room space, but the way the wall was angled made it too complicated (i.e. expensive). Instead of tearing the wall down, we decided to widen the doorway. Our intention is to eventually install French doors, and had the doorway framed for that purpose. However, in our current stage of life we’re enjoying the flow of space without the doors. My advice is this: if you are able to make it happen, go with your gut instinct and make your space work for you! You are the one that has to live there, and people might think you’re crazy (like the electrician when I asked him to wire the closet), but if you have a vision, run with it!

Flatlay With Crayons Planner Phone Watercolor Paints - One Room Challenge Kid Friendly Office Makeover Inspiration

Kid Friendly Office Makeover

This past September we embarked on our homeschooling journey. This room will need to function as an office space for me, and a school zone for the girls. Kid friendly, but aesthetically pleasing and flow with the living space. The room needs to have storage for books and craft items, a dedicated space for the girls to work on their art projects, a comfortable reading space, and of course a desk. The room is right next to the kitchen, and is the only spot to keep our water cooler. (Filtered/bottled water is a must where we live – not the best water quality here!) The water cooler is going to be a challenge to work-around, but I think I might have come up with a creative solution.


- Desk/Space for Mom
- Filing Cabinet
- Desk/Space for Homeschool
- Shelving for Books and Craft Storage
- Art Corner/Table
- Art Display
- Reading Space
-Water Cooler Cabinet

Water Color Paints and Painting on Clipboard

Design Concept and Style

Since we will be spending a lot of time in this room, I want it to feel comfortable and relaxed. This needs to be a space that is inviting and inspiring, calming yet stimulating. It sounds a little contradictory, kind of like this could either be perfect and complimentary, or just a disaster! We'll see where we end up at the end of the 6 weeks!


- Light and bright with a little bit of drama mixed in!
- Clean and non-cluttered
- Inspiring
- Comfortable
- Functional
- Vintage
- Industrial
- Neutral with pops of color

Water Color Paints and Pencils, Child's Drawing

Rainbow Crayons

Wish List and Inspiration

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I “shopped” my home and surprisingly have most of the items I need. I love when that happens! I still have a few items on my need-to-purchase list such as a Desk Chair for me and a couple for the girls, Lighting, a Filing Cabinet, and a Rug. The items below are definitely part of my vision and inspiration, and have made their way onto my wish list!

Gray Upholstered Desk Chair Aqua Wall Mount Pendant Barn Light Light Aqua Blue Industrial Farmhouse Chair Aqua Tufted Square Floor Cushion Child's School Desk Wall Mount Pendant Light Jute Woven Storage Baskets  nuLOOM Natural Hand Woven Chunky Loop Jute Area Rug
Rustic Filing Cabinet


The "Before" photos below are almost painful to look at - painful because of the stressful time that was! Ha! Moving is stressful enough, but then add in renovating a house in 3 weeks?! Yikes! The hard work paid off though. Sorry, some of the "before" photos were taken with a cell phone and aren't the best quality - but it gives you an idea of how far we've come. I'll share the "After" photos with you next week, so make sure to pop in so you can see them!

One Room Challenge Kid Friendly Office Makeover Before Photos

ORC Office Makeover Before - Office Window
ORC Office Makeover Before - Office Closet Before Installing Flooring Left Side
ORC Office Makeover Before - Office Closet
ORC Office Makeover Before - Office Back Wall
ORC Office Makeover Before - Widening the Door Opening Construction
ORC Office Makeover Before - Office Kitchen View Before New Paint and Floors

Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to spending the next 6 weeks sharing my Kid Friendly Office makeover with you! Next week I’ll be sharing details on paint and flooring choices, and also give an update on how things are going. I might even have a fun little something-something for you too! Make sure to stop by next Thursday, and in the meantime pop over and check out the other rooms in the challenge - there's a lot of inspiration this year!
One Room Challenge Guest Participant Kid Friendly Office Makeover

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Kid Friendly Office Inspiration For The One Room Challenge


  1. I love your inspiration items!! I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Susanne from Pearl Street Designs