Easy DIY Chalkboard and a Fall One Room Challenge | Week 5 Update

It's Week FIVE of the One Room Challenge! The past few weeks have flown by, and I'm not gonna lie - my to-do list is still pretty long. Agh! We are a little further along now, but not nearly close to being done. I did work on a few projects this week, including this Easy Chalkboard DIY. You know I'm all about easy and fast DIY projects, and even better if I can get it done under 5 minutes!

Easy DIY Chalkboard - Chalkboard with a Black Desk and Vintage Globe

Easy Chalkboard DIY

This project is so easy it's one of those DIY projects you can complete in 5 minutes or less, minus drying time.

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You Will Need:

- Chalkboard Paint
- Painters Tape
- Jute Twine/Rope (Optional)


- Just take your painters tape and tape off a square. 

- Paint the chalkboard paint on the board - you can use primer if you want, but I didn't feel it was necessary for the board that I used. 

- When the paint is dry (it took mine about 30-60 minutes), carefully remove the painter's tape. 

- Use a drill to make holes in the top corners and tie the rope on the board.

DIY Chalkboard with Globe and a Vintage Black Desk

A couple of notes: I got my board from Home Depot. My store will make cuts, so I had them cut the board for me. (Yay for not needing to drag out tools!) The cost of the board is about $9.00, and depending on the size you make your chalkboard, you can get several from one sheet. Not only is this an easy DIY, it's also cheap! 

One Room Challenge Week 5 Update 

As I mentioned above, the room is coming along slowly. The tortoise wins the race right? Or at least finishes the race...or room. I'm so thankful that we had an extra week added on!

Fall One Room Challenge 2017 Week 5 Update | Kid Friendly Office Makeover

The one thing that is giving me grief is the water cooler in the room. In week one I told you about the dilemma with the water cooler. I would really prefer it to be in another spot, but the office really is the most practical space for it. Ugh! Design wise, it's completely in the way and a huge eyesore. Sometimes practicality has to win out though, am I right? I found a few options, but none of them are really calling out my name. I'm determined to try an make this work! Do you have a water cooler in your home? How do you "hide" it?!

This is similar to the one in our space. Not exactly something you want to look at all the time!

I found a product called Mod Boxes, and I wish I had more time to order one...I'm not sure what their turnaround time is, but the Mod Boxes look pretty amazing! They aren't exactly what I'm looking for but pretty close. I probably need to just get to it and make one. Which I should have already done since we're in the final 2 weeks of the ORC. AGH! Stay tuned to see how this works out...

Polka Dot Note Book on a Black Desk with Glasses

Don't forget to see what the other rooms in the One Room Challenge are up to this week!

In case you missed it, you can get caught up on the room progress below:

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